Important Note on BatMax's Fake and Counterfeit Products

How to Detect BatMax Imitations
Some products are lokking very close to BatMax, but have no effect at all. They are just counterfeit products. The name of these imitations are Batterylife, BatSup, BatFoil and Battery Enhancer.
Negative test reports in some web news outlets (i.e Batterylife).

The installation procedure is completely different.
Products are generally made from plastic material, in black color or with a shiny effect.

 Comparison Chart
 BatteryLife & Counterfeit Products
 Negative Ion Emission
 Inside the battery compartment
 Not attached to the battery
 Attached like a sticker directly
 to the battery
 Aluminum and IonXR2 Mineral powder
 Active Side
 Black with some sparkling effect
 Logo colors
 Orange and Grey
 Orange and Grey (very similar)

Don't be fooled. What you should know…
It exists in the market several imita
tions of BatMax’s product and/or technology. Several distributors or “manufacturers” (i.e. BatteryLife*) are selling fake products and they are not one of our distributors or affiliated company. BatteryLife uses the same colors as our logo (grey and orange) to confuse the consumers. They are using the same performance graphs, and made copycats of the original photos of the product.
You will notice that these products seems to use a similar technology but do not have the same effect at all.
Many Internet news outlets and websites has tested the imitation and posted online to the public the proof that these products are fake and only placebos with no effect at all. These online news websites (,,, , and Tom Hardware) tested the fake product, never ours, but because of the similarities, several of them mention that BatMax is the same "hoax". It is not.
Unfortunately, people are confused and the copycats are destroying our reputation.

We evaluated the copycat and we can confirm that there is no negative ion emission. As you can see on the bottom of our Test page, (movie: Negative ions emission measured with the Smart Ion Monitor) our product clearly generates a stream of negative ions. Basically, the negative ions emission is the main effect that interacts with the battery internal chemistry to create the battery life improvement.

Our product is different and the installation is specific. In fact, the installation of BatMax is at the exact opposite of the fake product. BatMax’s product contains an active side (white) which must face towards the battery (the foil is just installed inside battery’s compartment) at the opposite of the fake product which is stuck directly on the battery. Fake products are made from plastic film like standard stickers and BatMax’s foil uses mineral material on an aluminum foil.

Blogs and Forums (Slashdot, Museum of Hoax, ...)
Be aware of the defamations alleged to our product."BatMax is so magic, that it can only be a fake, a hoax or a fraud". It is normal that many people do not fully understand our technology and are sure that our product does not work (like the patches, antenna boosters and radiation shields for mobile phones). Be aware that this in only rumors, and NOWHERE, you'll see DISCUSSIONS WITH BAD COMMENTS coming from individuals that really tested our product.

The best test will be the one that you will do by yourself.

BatMax was the first company to develop the original technology in 2003, and introduced the product to the market in 2004.
Many great names of the mobile phones and the computers industry evaluated BatMax and are currently using our technology (under an OEM agreement) into their current batteries.

BatMax Corporation was founded Jan 28 2004 in the USA.
Batterylife AG was founded in Switzerland May 21 2005 (and closed May 31 2006) - Swiss Reg. of Commerce - No 2756774
A MOU between BatMax and the future founders of Batterylife AG was signed in Miami Feb 7 2004. The agreement was processed to expand the BatMax market to the European countries. One year later, Batterylife AG was founded in secret without BatMax, infringing the agreement and enter into business by imitating our technology and products.