BatMax material has been tested and documented by several prestigious institutions, laboratories and universities.

BatMax Corporation is also processing performance tests with several US and European universities, independent testing laboratories and battery technology centers for full evaluation and analysis with mobile phones and electronic devices batteries.
Any new test report will be published here or at: Certification page.

   Tests Report from an Independent Testing Laboratory

 Test Report
 Singapore Test Service Pte Ltd. (Singapore Technologies Engineering)
ISO / IEC 17025
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   Tests Results - Battery Life - Charging Speed(2)

IMPORTANT NOTE: BatMax is not designed to extend the battery life of a brand new battery.
BatMax regenerates the battery and help to recover the original performance, maintains the maximum capacity, reduces the charging time and extends the life span. All the following tests are processed with used (6 month old) batteries.

> BatMax increases the battery life stand-by time up to 38-47% (168h30mn > 230h25mn after 11 days).
BatMax increases the battery life talk time up to 49% (Continuous talk time from 1h30mn to 2h40mn after 10 cycles).
BatMax increases the charging speed up to 66% on Li-Po (31% nominal w/ Li-Ion).
BatMax begins to improve the battery performances after several charging cycles (4-6 charging cycles minimal - 50 charging cycles nominal - 150th cycle maximal). The effect is visible after 5-7 cycles. After 350 cycles, the capacity ratio vs. min capacity is 64.9% with BatMax.
BatMax has battery life improvement on low temperature characteristics - Capacity at 0.5˚C (32.9˚F) - Discharge at -20˚C (68˚F) is 206.6mAh w/ BatMax vs.134,4mAh w/o BatMax. Capacity ratio vs. 780mAh is 26.5% w/ BatMax vs.17.2% w/o.
BatMax reduces the battery's internal impedance and resistance. By these facts, the temperature of the battery is also reduced.
BatMax helps to maintain the charge on the last 3-5 hours of use.

   Tests Results - Battery Regeneration(2)

> BatMax regenerates a worn battery and help to recover the original battery life and charging ability.
Comparative test between 2 identical Li-Ion batteries (same manufacturer, same model).
Battery life time (Battery w/
BatMax) is measured after each cycle against the brand new battery's battery life time.
Battery (1) is brand new - Battery w/
BatMax (2) has 6 month old. Results: A recovered battery life after few cycles.

   Negative Ions Emission

The test clearly demonstrate that BatMax material produces negative ions. Each time the BatMax is installed on the front of the Ion Monitor, the level of negative ions increase rapidly from 0 to a level higher than 2,000 part. / cc.

The test is processed using an INTI Smart Ion Monitor model ITC-201A. The negative ions levels are recorder using the ITS-801A software and an IBM notebook PC.
You can find more information and characteristics about the Smart Ion Monitor at:

Downloadable Video

1:20:12 min.

Temperature / Humidity
25˚C (77˚F) / 55%

Negative Ions / cm3
0 > 1,727 (Test 1)
0 > 2,282 (Test 2)

Positive Ions / cm3
0 > 0,271 (Test 1)
0 > 0,238 (Test 2)

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BatMax's effect and performance may vary and depends on several factors:
Type of device, brand, model - type of battery, age, status (total amount of charging-discharging cycles), external temperature and environmental conditions.
(1) All brand names are registered trade marks and the properties of their respective owners.
Performance may vary. These graphs/diagrams are a compilation of several different tests and can not be held as contractual or indicating an absolute reference of accurate results for any user.

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