Technology Overview

is based on IonXR2, a new exclusively developed nanoceramic material (nanosized ceramic powders), resulting from years of laboratory research.

IonXR2, is a modified formulas of IonXR, with improved performance.
The nanosized ceramic material is made from powder of a natural minerals (microporous crystalline solids) and layered on one side of a conductive sheet made of special aluminium.

is produced using sol-gel infiltration of porous alumina template and made by immersing thick powder of the minerals into a thin layer through nanotechnology.

IonXR2 formula contains Titanium dioxide (TiO2), Manganese oxide (Mn), Iron oxide (Fe), Aluminium oxide (Al), Silicon dioxide (SiO2), Zinc (Zn), Calcium (Ca), Chlorine (Cl), Potassium (K), Magnesium (Mg), others minerals and rare earth metals.

IonXR2 20000X electronic microscope
(top view)
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IonXR2 100X electronic microscope
(side view)

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 Battery life
 Life span
 Against cold
 Worn battery
 Life span
Li-Ion Li-Po Ni-Cd Ni-Mh
 Very Good
 18 Months

   BatMax IonXR2 Principle

The foil and the active material are designed to:
Absorb, modify and reflect the electromagnetic field (EMF) generated by the battery.
Generate a flow of negative ions (unilaterally and towards the battery).
Generate a very high frequency pulse of energy (Magnetic resonance).
Interact with the battery's electrolyte by ionization through the battery's case.

The energy released from the electron holes inside the mineral powder can send out a 3-4µm electronic vibration wave. The vibration wavelength released from BatMax is considered to be within almost the same range with the oscillation frequency of ions inside the battery.
By receiving an electrons wavelength from BatMax, these molecules are able to raise their oscillation energy and electricity generation which result in a voltage increase.
IonXR2 active side is on the top of the foil. The active side must face the battery.

More information about the Degeneration of a Battery

BatMax c
ontains material, which is able to directly affect the metal particles inside the battery. Uncharged metal particles within the electrolyte are reintegrated into the electrical circuit.
BatMax reduces electrical loss by optimizing the ions transferred between the battery cells and maintaining a stable voltage.
emits an ultra high-speed vibration frequency that dissolves (and prevent) the crystalline formation caused by the oxidation, so the electrons can move freely between the anode and cathode and the battery regains its original charge-ability.
improves the electrolytic conductivity for a greater flow of ions (lower amount of uncharged particles do not hinder the ion flow within the electrolyte). Higher amount of charge carriers ("lost" metal particles are "reactivated" as charge carriers).
BatMax unblocks and regulates the flow of ions by generating an electro-magnetic cavity and oscillation frequency with negative ions emission. The ionization generated by BatMax has been measured as a level reaching 30 times the value (7 - 8,000 Ions/cm3) of the ambient air ionization (2 - 300 Ions/cm3). By the ions production, BatMax improves the electrodes oxidization.
Far-infrared rays (4 to 1,000 µ) are also emitted from
BatMax. By stimulating micro-vibrations, generating heat and penetrating the battery casing, far-infrared rays causes a thermal reaction (by causing the molecules to rapidly vibrate against each other) that maintains the optimal battery temperature. BatMax helps the battery to keep a lower temperature.
BatMax helps the battery to maintain its optimal temperature, increases the voltage and maintain the charge for a longer time.
 BatMax foil helps to prevent the battery deterioration.

The ions inside the Li-Ion battery are reactivated and excited by the interaction between BatMax and the magnetic field of the battery. A current-carrying conductor is surrounded by a magnetic field proportional to it.
The current passing through the battery also builds up such a magnetic field. Due to varying operating states of the device and thus varying currents, magnetic fields of different intensity are built up around the battery.
These magnetic fields induce a varying current in BatMax, which in turn builds up a varying magnetic field around itself. The interaction resulting from these 2 magnetic fields enriches and excites the ions inside the battery. A greater number of free, well flowing ions in the battery results in a better capacity
Used batteries thus can be regenerated by activation of additional ions and by reactivation of inactive ions.
The charge exchange in the battery at which the ions play the most important part is re-established.
New batteries are effectively protected against ageing by BatMax, because a great number of free ions are continuously available.
Depending on the type of construction of the battery, the regeneration needs more or less cycles.
With prismatic cells it will take around 5-10 cycles. With cylindrical
cells it takes around 30 cycles.

starts its effect just after installation and users will notice an increase in battery life and charging speed, after 5 to 10 charging cycles.

 Results: A longer battery life and life span, a higher charging capacity and a faster charging time  

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