BatMax / Green Product

BatMax is an eco-friendly product and contributes to the protection of the global environment.
BatMax's technology:
Saves energy by reducing the charging time and charging frequencies per user.
Delays the need for purchasing new batteries.
Helps to reduce the global chemical pollution due to billions of dead batteries...

Remember, Saving Energy Prevents Pollution.
By improving energy products and reducing electrical needs for more than a billion mobile phones, millions of computers and electronic devices, BatMax will naturally contribute to the prevention of energetic demands and in turn potentially promote environmental protection.

    By choosing BatMax, you are helping prevent global warming and promote cleaner air without sacrificing the product quality and the performance you expect.

Whether at work or at home, more and more Americans are enjoying the convenience of rechargeable batteries. They’re being used in cellular phones, laptop computers, cordless power tools and video cameras. In fact, more than 350 million rechargeable batteries are purchased annually in the United States. When thrown away, these batteries can contribute to the toxicity level of landfills and incinerator ash, as many of them contain heavy metal.

Implementation of the Mercury Containing and Rechargeable Battery Management Act.
United States Environmental Protection Agency. 1997