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National and International Patents filed. CT - International Patent Pending (2004) - IPC Classification: H01M10/42
SECTION H01M: PROCESSES OR MEANS, e.g. BATTERIES, FOR THE DIRECT CONVERSION OF CHEMICAL ENERGY INTO ELECTRICAL ENERGY (electrochemical processes or apparatus in general; semiconductor or other solid state devices for converting light or heat into electrical energy).

   Tests Report from an Independent Testing Laboratory

BatMax is conducting performance tests with several independent laboratories in the USA, Europe and Asia.

 Test Report
 Singapore Test Service Pte Ltd. (Singapore Technologies Engineering)
ISO / IEC 17025
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Other tests and reports will be published here in the near future.

   Regulatory Compliance Testing and Global Certifications 

CE Mark is added under the Directive for General Product Safety (GPSD) 2001/95/EC

is currently processing several others global certifications and compliance marks.

Batmax products obtained the necessary agreement in accordance with the Russian Center for Tests and Certification - Rostest-Moscow ( :
Sanitary-epidemiological conclusion of No dated 28.04.2006.
ROSTEST (POCTECT) / Letter No 05-21/76 dated 02.05.2006.