IonXR Sheets

For industrial or OEM applications, BatMax can supply IonXR2 full sheet (Approx. A4 Size).
The product can be delivered in bulk without logo (or with a custom logo, see our customization page).
For the best performance, the basic background color of the nanoceramic material (originally white) cannot be colored
and must remain white.

Layers Active Side Installation Full Sheet Size

Al-IonXR2 Attached or inserted 322 X 232 mm

 The active side (white with the logo) MUST face toward  the  battery.
 The foil strip needs to line the surface of the battery,  approximating the size of the battery.
 The patch should cover at least 60% to 80% of the surface of the  battery.
 The white, active side of BatMax must face the battery.
 The strip needs to be installed within the battery compartment, in  close juxtaposition.
 It is not actually affixed to the battery.

   Electro Magnetic Suppressor Sheets


 Electro Magnetic Sheet Characteristics
A-50S M530 M530R DKS-J300
Frequency Range - 100MHz - 1GHz
Magnetic Layer Thickness µm 100 100 300 300 250
Total Thickness µm 230 250 425 600 350
Volume Resistivity Ωcm 1x 108 1x 107 1x 108 1x 108 1x 108

   Multi-Layer Hybrid Magnetic Sheets

 5.8GHz Multilayer Hybrid Magnetic Sheet Characteristics
Test Conditions
Electromagnetic Absorption
0 ≤ 8 ≤ 45
45 ≤ 8 ≤ 47.5 20dB≤
47.5 ≤ 8 ≤ 80 15dB≤
Flammability UL94

V-O eq.

High Temperature and Humidity Test 80C 90%RH 2000hr Good
Long term weather resistance Test JIS K 5400 2000hr


   Thermal Conductive Sheets / Spacers


 Electro Magnetic Sheet Characteristics
Unit Standard Specifications
Thickness mm 0.5 - 1.0 - 2.0 - 3.0 - 4.0
Magnetic Layer Thickness W/m-K 0.5 -1.5
Thermal Resistance C/W 2.0 - 15.0
Surface Resistivity ASC 30 - 50
Surface Resistance Ω 7.8 X 1011