BatMax / MP3, MPEG4, DVD and CD Player, Dictaphone 

raises the portable audio-video battery's charging ability.
Offers more time
for playing music, watching videos, DVD's, MPEG4 and TV.
Accelerates the charging time up to 40%.
Reduces the frequency of charges.
Restores the original performance.
Regenerates worn or deteriorated batteries / Stops further battery deterioration.
Prolongs the battery life span with up to 50% longer total lifetime (cycles).
Protects the battery from electrical variations.
Saves money by delaying the need to purchase new batteries.

Installed by the user in seconds
No tool required

BatMax is a small (56.75 X 35 mm) rectangular foil which is installed in seconds. Just insert BatMax under your battery.

is based on the IonXR2, a new exclusively developed nanoceramic material, resulting from years of laboratory research.

Specifically created for modern portable audio-video devices with wide color display, high capacity hard disk drive or memory which require high energy, BatMax answers the battery life demands of the current and future MP3 players and portable audio devices.

Old and new rechargeable batteries can benefit from BatMax.
foil slows down the loss of capacity of Li-Ion and Li-Polymer batteries and thus provides improved battery performance.




/ Audio-Video
56.75 X 35 mm 
Model #: BA/A-01

Compatible with any:
MP3 Player
CD and DVD Player
Portable Multimedia Player PMP's (MPEG4)
Cassettes Player / Walkman / Dictaphone
Portable TV

effect and performance may vary and depends on several factors:

Type of audio device, brand, model - type of battery, age, status (total amount of charging-discharging cycles), external temperature and environmental conditions.

 BatMax General Datasheet
 PDF 564 KB
 BatMax General Datasheet
 PDF 564 KB