More Battery Duration
  For batteries older than 6 months, battery life may dramatically decrease reaching after a year around 10% only of its original duration. Batteries are losing their charge-ability and maximum voltage from the first day of use..
BatMax give you from 35 up to 200% more battery life, enough to set you free from recharging your device for a whole working day or a long week-end out of home.
BatMax helps your battery to regenerate and is a powerful and effective product that can even reactivate batteries that are unable to keep their charge.
BatMax helps your battery to keep its maximum charge and voltage.
Charge Faster
BatMax considerably accelerates the charging time to reaching a full charge.

Longer Life Span  

Your battery life span and cycles are expected to weaken from your first day of use. At best a battery life span supports up to 1000 cycles (a cycle = 1 time charge-discharge), then it is considered as dead.
High-energy demanding usage such as Internet, data, camera, video calls, music or video player, Bluetooth, WiFi,... further accelerate your battery deterioration leaving you with only 6 months of acceptable usage.

BatMax stops your battery deterioration and increases its life span by 50% up to 300% providing it with an extended cycle support.

Installed in Seconds - No Tool Required !!
Just insert BatMax under your battery, inside its compartment. With the white active side facing the battery.
That’s All !

BatMax Works – We Guarantee It !
  BatMax is proven to work, all our clients are fully satisfied.
A noticeable battery life improvement that last is guaranteed.
Our target