Installation Procedure

Turn off the mobile phone

No tool required for installation

Remove the battery
Do not remove the protective film - Do not stick BatMax on the battery
Install BatMax inside the battery compartment (> See B)
Re-install the battery
Turn on the mobile phone

   Important Notes

Do not cover the electrical contacts of the battery.

The active side of BatMax (white with the BatMax logo) must face the battery.
BatMax can be cut out and must cover 60-80% of the battery.
Several charging cycles (5-10) are required for a visible battery life improvement.

   Installation Manuals

 BatMax / Mobile Phone, 3G Mobile Phone & Smartphone Visual Installation NEW

 BatMax / Mobile Phone, 3G Mobile Phone & Smartphone

BatMax's effect and performance may vary and depends on several factors:
Type of mobile phone, brand, model - type of battery, age, status (total amount of charging-discharging cycles), external temperature, environmental conditions and cellular network.
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