ONLY for the Press, News Outlets, Specialized Web Sites, Manufacturers and OEM's, Distributors and Importers, we can offer one (1) free BatMax sample for test and evaluation.
If more than one sample is required, charges are added based on our distributor price list.

Note: Shipping charges are added for international requests.
Stores and individual users cannot order a sample for evaluation.

Feel free to send us a request using our online Contact Us form.
Please, before any test and evaluation, review our downloadable Test Guidelines (see Technology-Guidelines) and the installation manuals.
Thank you for your interest.

   To Proceed We Need

Company Name.
First and Last Name / Position or Title.
Full Address (No P.O. Box), Zip Code, City, Country.
Telephone Number / Fax Number.
Preferred Model or Size of the BatMax sample.
+ Your comments (the reason why you request a sample).
+ Your commitment to send us back a dated and full report of your evaluation with test results.