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 Jul 1 2007  
 BatMaxStore international online store is open. Transactions are secured with the PayPal checkout portal.

 Jun 28 2007  
 After a conclusive initial performance test, BatMax is fully tested and evaluated by 5 major European cellular carriers.

 Jun 20 2007  
 US Nationwide TV commercial campaign is scheduled Q4 2007.

 Feb 11 2007  
 BatMax starts production of a new lighter and better packaging w/ 3 languages installation manual insert card.

 Sep 17 2006  

 BatMax start to produce the latest version of the product design with diagonal lines of logo.

 Feb 28 2006  
 BatMax starts development of BatMax Titanium Extreme (IonXRe) for OEM's and battery manufacturers.

 Jan 11 2006    BatMax starts production of BatMax 3G (IonXR2) for game consoles and PDA's.

 Dec 21 2005    BatMax starts sales of BatMax 3G (IonXR2) for 3G mobile phones, smartphones and notebooks.

 Jul 7 2005    Several OEM agreements signed with Japanese and Korean battery and mobile terminal manufacturers.

 Apr 25 2005    BatMax starts production of BatMax 3G based on IonXR2 an improved formula of IonXR.

 Mar 16 2005    BatMax starts production and sales of the first battery life extender for notebooks.

 Jan 20 2005    BatMax starts production and sales of the first battery life extender for mobile phones.

 Jul 25 2004    BatMax IonXR MSC technology tested for computer CPU - network speed acceleration / optimization.

 Mar 8 2004    BatMax IonXR MCO technology in development for notebook Li-Ion batteries

 Jan 28 2004    BatMax Corporation is founded.

 Jan 10 2004    First IonXR foil samples created and fully tested for mobile phone batteries. 

 Dec 14 2003    IonXR technology is adapted for new Li-Polymer batteries.

 Oct 5 2003    Research team finalize IonXR, the 1st nanoceramic material able to extend the battery life.