BatMax Corporation

Founded in January 2004 in the USA, BatMax Corporation was formed to identify, develop, manufacture and market innovative high quality wireless communications and computer products.
BatMax's main innovation and focus is the research and development of technologies for intelligent mobile energy products, accessible to the largest number of users.

By improving energy products and reducing electrical needs for more than a billion cellular phone subscribers and millions of computer and electronic device users, BatMax will naturally contribute to the prevention of the energetic demand and the environmental protection.

BatMax IonXR and IonXR2 Technologies are based on a nanoceramic material developed in Asia in 2002 and specifically made for industrial applications.
In October 2003, our research team modified the technology and created a foil which provide an amazing regeneration and battery life improvement for rechargeable batteries used with mobile communications and data processing devices.

The IonXR technology is always improving & new products for different applications are coming soon.

Recently, a new formula was created (IonXR2) with an improved performance and reliability.
All new BatMax models are manufactured using this technology.
BatMax is also involved in the production of
electromagnetic suppressors foils, multi-layer hybrid magnetic foils and thermal conductive sheets / spacers.

With all products retail packaged in several languages, BatMax has recently set its sights on several domestic markets.
The products have met with tremendous consumer acceptance and have positioned the brand as one of the most innovative and competitively priced products available in the market today.
BatMax supplied the IonXR2 technology to several major battery and mobile terminal manuafacturers since 2005.                   Company News